Fast Track Your Keto OS Business - 24/08/17


Alone we're strong. Together we're unstoppable.

What the GO Challenge is:

- Your first 30 days or the 30 days after you press thaat GO button
- A chance for you to lock arms with your Support Tema to launch your business
- A chancce to also develop your financial story
- All about inspiration

Know your WHY, your IT?

Know the benefits (i.e, financial, health,..)

In the first 14 days of your GO Challenge, you want to find:
2 Promoters
2 Customers

.. to hit your Go Pro Bonus

Just get 1 more Promoter and 2 more Customers, and you've doubled your money back

If you bought the Experience Pack, and if you take your product out and sellt he rest of it in 5 days samples then you tripled your money back.

The simple way to get your goals is one thing.... WATCH, CONNECT, ENROLL - using the PLAY that works :)


Campfire video:
Back Office Training Course:

CONNECT people with your support team..

..and ENROLL them. (Customer pack, Experience pack.,)

Create a Facebook curiosity post Sending out a message to people. Message 10 people you want to help drink this product. Eventually they are gloing to ask a question and then you can share your story.

Go To the Pruvit FB page:

Like and set notifications > See First > Like and comment to all posts

Go to the App Store > Download the Pruvit Pulse App

If you bring on a Promoter with an experience pack (Max or Regular) we'll give you an additional $100. You can put that money in your pocket or you can offer that to your new potential promoter to make it an even better deal.

The biggest sale that has been offered until 3PM. Sept 25th in AUS EST

10 & 10 Call

Dr. Brian Johnson - will be on a call for 10 mins and will go over this product. Why is this product so cool. Why this is driving patients' outcome like no other that he's ever seen before and why he is so excited about this on a medical standpoint.

The next 10 mins will be for people who wants to know how to get free product and for those who want to know how are we going to launch this product in Australia.

Ask questions. The more questions you ask, the quicker you'll move forward. Have fun with it. Keep pluggin' in.