Weekly Team Huddle - 13/09/17

Just Landed ack in Australlia

New Products:
Ketones Amped - More caffeine
MCT 143 - Dr. Mary Newpoert's formula

Help you understand how to answer questions

What do you want to get out of the event? / What was your biggest take on the event?

Wants the certainty behind it. The science. The confidence from hearing the experts.
The belly to belly energy
If you really want to make an impact, let people educate themselves. - Dustin Schaffer

What's one thing that you have implemented today in your business

Everyday go through the Pruvit FB Page and comment and like on new posts

Grab your phone and send messages to 5 people: What do you know about ketones/ketosis?
What's next? Share the campfire video (https://youtu.be/dQfYL7eqcI8) and connect them with your leaders, support group and they will answer all their questions for you

It's great to see how to compnay's growing since the last event I attended last year in Taapa, FL.

A lot of people are excited about the science behind it and they realize that it's not about the science, it's about me. IT'S ABOUT BELIEVING IN MYSELF.

One Play that works. "What do you know about ketones and ketosis?" direct that and get that out to as many people. From there, you get them to watch the camp fire video.
- Then validation through facebook page, pruvit website, through the hack magazine, through mixers, and through your support team and get someone on the call.
- Get them experience packs of ketones. And duplicate.
- Curiosity

Go to you Backoffice > Downloads > DMR (Daily Method of Operation)
3 INVITE (min 1 person/day) cerate curiosity

www.weinspireon.com - real stories of people. share it with your customers/prospects.

If you are a promoter right now, can you answer the questions:
- Have I sent my contacts ""What do you know about ketones and ketosis?"
- Have I invited everyone in my facebook group to like the corporate facebook page?
- Have I done a mixer?
- How many people/customers have you got on a call with your upline?
- Have many fb messages have you started to connect peoplpe with your upline and start conversations?

The Smartship will change to 22% off
- the first order through smartship it will be on full price
- the following month will have 22% off
- 1st, 2nd and 3rd month on smartship 22%. The 4th month, no more smartship and will get an extra free box of free product.

Gold Coast Community Mixer-Mastermind
10:30 - 11:45 15min break, then Promoter Mastermind
Everyone needs a ticket $5/ticket - customers/prospects

Eventbrite: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/gold-coast-community-mixer-mastermind-tickets-37440855607

Registration and gathering of names of who invioted who to make sure they follow up

$25/ticket for Promoters

Make sure people know what they are attending. Be honest.

Activities includes; cooking class, bowling..