Weekly Team Huddle - 04/10/17

Weekly Huddle

Total Weight Loss Season
Christmas Season


You can join using FB or email and can get own page within their team. If people send donations, they will get taxable receipts.

Media attention = Massive difference
One charity company jumped on board and offered to make charity tax receipts.

When a customer or promoter gets an ERROR 22, there is something they need to do once. There is something that triggered a response from the fraud dept. There is an international transaction. Issuing bank may have security settings which are off, the person may have run unusual multiple transactions.

So easy to sell as it has a great potential to prevent fraud like getting credit cards hacked, which usually happens online.

Customers have a set of instructions that they need to follow, after that, they don't have to worry about fraudsters anymore.

Having a stolen credit card can made be postive as it's the chance for the product to kick in.

If customers have questions or challenges, they always need to contact the support team for assistance.


Promoter's group: Great for new promoters
Password: promotebetter

For first timers, they have to sign up.

Those who are able to log in to the old website, they need to log in and reset up their account.

In the registration page, there are 2 videos.

First video is just a welcome video.

Second video asks a new promoter and where are they and what they want to do with this business. Get them in touched with their sponsor and support team. If they want to make money super fast, they should be getting in touch with you and intruct them on how to do that.

When they are ready to have their business started, they can go in "Biz and Back Office Orientation" anytime they want. There are training videos in every aspect.

After Biz and Back Office Orientation is "Go Challenge" which will train them all the way up to how to get all star bonus.

Next is beyond 30 day section. It contains all sorts of extra training. Like how to go further fast.

Call and Webinars

It contains weekly schedule and local numbers.
It also contains all recent webinars.

Pruvit Blueprint - for people who likes to learn in print.

Expert Videos

It contains some videos where experts are answering diffent issues.

Customer's Group (no username)
Password: customerexperience

They are also required to sign up.

Exactly the same with promoters' group just without the training videos.