Ketosis in 60 minutes - 1 - Cliff Harvey

Q: How does this get you into Ketosis in 60 minutes?

A: Basically it is a ketone body right? So, despite heritage __, it's exactly the same thing that your body produces. So when you take exogenous ketones they will go straight to your blood stream and about 30 minutes later you will have a level of ketones in the blood that is consistent with what we would call nutritional ketosis. It doesn't necessarily mean that the leverage stata producing large amounts of ketones in the same way it would if you were in a ketogenic diet. But what it does mean is that most of the benefits that you would experience from being in a ketogenic diet with those high levels of ketones, you now have and that's the key.

Q: The more hours of the day that we can spend having this higher level of ketones in our blood the better?

A: Yeah. Absolutely. Particularly when there is a functional benefit from there. For most of us, through the day if we want more fuel for the brain there's gonna be benefit there. If you want more fuel for training, there's gonna be a benefit there. For one more beta hydroxybutyrate there to help us sleep. Much of what I'm using it for, there's a benefit there as well.