Weekly Team Huddle - 09/08/17

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When the Flash Sale happens. be Pro Active

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We are going to get everybody that are going to Vegas together on their own weekly huddles as we move in to this event.


Few Tickets left.

We currently don't have a promotion for half priced tickets. Don't wait on it. If you want to secure a ticket get the tickets for yourselves.

If you want to be challenged for the discounted price tickets, contact your upline/support team and say "I want to be challenged."

Every 200 NV that you bring in to your business gets you 1 ticket into a draw. Every new person you help get to MVP in your team, gets you 1 ticket into a draw. If you happen to go MVP over the next week (Tue 3pm) then you get another into the draw.

Each one of those things you need to report to me with the names of the people that got you the BV or if you had 4 customers and that got you 400 BV, that's 2 tickets just report to me.

A. Driving from LA to Vegas on the 5th in 1 of 3 cars (Porsche 911, '67 Corvette Stingray Convertible or a 2014 Corvette Convertible). You decide which car that is. You can drive, your choice. 4 hour mastermind with me (Joe)

B. You can nominate someone to drive with me.

Let us know what you'd like to do to get there and we will help you.

**Las Vegas Updates**
**Compensation Plans**
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