Keto Coaching with The Keto Doc & Joe Keto - Ketones & Muscle

Dr Brian Johnson DC - The Keto Doc - has a degree in Medical Sciences and in Ancestral Nutrition along with his doctorate and years of clinical application along with research on the keto diet.
Joe Rogister - Joe Keto - is a nutritional therapist who has dedicated his life to helping people understand how to win at keto...

00:00: Welcome and Introduction by Joe Rogister.
01:20: The history and evolution of the ketogenic diet.
2:00: Introduction of Dr. Brian, The Keto Doc.
04:05: What role does muscle play in our health?
0520: Why do ketones help us preserve muscle mass?
06:51: Why is muscle so important if you want to loose weight?
07:15: Basal metabolic rate explained.
8:50: What is the best nutrition program for muscle preservation?
9:42: What is the role of insulin in body composition?
11:30: Why do traditional calorie reduction diets cause muscle loss as well as fat?
11:50: What about meal replacement shakes are they beneficial for you?
12:30: Will I loose muscle mass when drinking ketones on a calorie deficit?
13:10: What diet is best for weight loss?
14:00: Can ketones help people gain muscle?
16:30: Benefits of Ketones for healthy ageing?
17:30: Why do you retain muscle when you have ketones in your body... even if you have carbs?
18:30: muscle preserving effects so important as you are growing older?
19:40: Can vegans benefit from the muscle preservation benefits of ketones?
21:00: Benefits for athletes and elite athletes, will drinking ketones help them?
22:00: Will this help with lowering recovery?
2240: Can you gain weight on a keto diet or is it better to keep Some carbs?
24:30: Cheat meals or keto during the week and not eating keto on weekends, does this method work for optimal health?
25:30: Simple AF challenge and coaching program for June 2021 Information