Concussions - How does the keto diet play a role in concussions

Concussions - How does the keto diet play a role in concussions.

Q: What happens when someone has a concussion?
A: As the brain becomes injured you're gonna get a lot of nflammation and sweling on the brain. It's gonna affect your glucose uptake transporters. Effectively when the brain is damaged you can't get the glucose into the brain to then fuel the brain. And this is one of the big reasons for the long term brain damage that we see from concussions from impaired metablism over a extended period of time.

Q: What if there are ketones present (after a concussion)?
A: When we were studying, we were told that the brain can only use glucose for energy. That information is probably 20 years out of date. But that's the way that they are still teaching it. Glucose is made from carbohydrate or from protein. Ketones are made from fat. And those are really the only fuel sources that your body can use. Traditionally we've always thought that the brain could only use glucose. But what we know now is that the brain preferentially uses ketones when they're present.
When you're eating a standard diet, you're body is only producing glucose. It's not producing ketones. So the only fuel source that is avallable is that glucose and then if your brain become damaged, it cannot use the glucose then that's when you start to run into problems because the brain can't have the proper metabolism. It cannot fuel itself and then you start to have tissue damage.
If someone is in a ketogenic state and they are producing endogenous ketones, then they have ketones present in their bodies. That only happens when you severly restrict carbohydrate intake and really increase your fat intake or if you're in a fasting state. But if you have ketones present the ketones do not require those glucose uptake transporters that we were talking about and they actually cross quite readily into the brain and will fuel the brain during a traumatic injury. This has bene demonstrated in many scientific papers to decrease tissue damage to decrease excitotoxin damage and to decrease inflammation on the brain. It really decreases all the long term effects of having trauma to the brain significantly.

Q: How can following a ketogenic diet and exogenous ketones really help? How can we utilize those?
A: To ask the average person to follow quite a restricted approach to a diet and to maintain ketosis is pretty unrealistic. That's where exogenous ketones come into. This is really one of the reasons they were developed. Dr. Dominic D'Agostino developed a main conjunction with the US Department fo Navy for their Navy seals because they needed these Navy Seals to be in ketosis whenever thye were going on missions but they couldn't expect them to always follow a ketogenic diet. By just having the exogenous ketones, it's a powder drink that they can can drink like a sports drink, we can have children taking it prophylactically before they go on the field or before they go and compete. Any situation where they might encounter a traumatic brain injury. Prophylactically they can drink it and so they're in ketosis if the injury is to happen.And if the injury happens, then we can give it to them for the following 3,4,5,7 days after the injury so that we make sure that they're brain is being fueled properly, it;s decretion the swelling on the brain and is gonna decrease the long term effect of that concussion.

Q: So there's no side effects? Children can take it, no issues at all?
A: No. Not at all. Actually it's pretty amazing. The company that we deal with, and that's the only one that I would recommend because they have the patent as the 100% bio identical form of ketones. It's actually identical to what your liver would produce if you were in a ketogenic state. It's Pruvit. And they are approved for children, pregnant women and every age in between. We are actually born in ketosis. Even my 18 month old, he would drink it in the morning with his breakfast because I know I want his brain to be fueled properly. I want that brain to have all the nutrients it need to develop and grow.

Q: If someone has had a concussion, should they just take them before they participate in a game or they should start using them on a regular basis?
A: It depends on what your goals are. I recommend everyone of my patients that I deal with. Everyone of my family members, everyone that I care for take it on a regular basis. Because it is a great fuel source and it helps people to maintain a healthy lifesstyle.Helps you to maintain a healthy dietary choices. We would all love for all of our hollistic nutritionist Joanna, we would love for all of our patients to eat whole food, real food diet and practice intermittent fasting and do all these things that we know is gonna increase their quality of life. But when it comes down to it, a lot of people won't be compliant on that. And I find this is one of the most beneficial substances or interventions I've ever seen to help empower people to be more compliant with those lifestyle choices.

Q: We can repair our DNA?
A: Yes. And the Pruvit one there's another compound called AC-11 which is the only compound that ever demonstrated in human trials to work with telomeres. IT;s a protein thats bound to your DNA and it's a way of demonstrating biological age or how age you are based on biological damage. And the AC-11 has actually showed repairs and reversal of that biological damage or biologica aging.
Improving brain function, helping to repair the brain, anti aging, and DNA repair