Keto Coaching with Joe Keto & Dr Tamara Stephens 3.6.21

Dr Tamara Stephens
Emergency Medicine specialist practicing for 15 years
Dr Stephens sits on the Council of Emergency Medicine as the Diplomat in South Africa.
She is the founder of Ketogevity.
Joe Rogister - Joe Keto - is a nutritional therapist who has dedicated his life to helping people understand how to win at keto...

These calls occur weekly so that we can educate more people on the evolution of keto. It is much more than a way of eating and it is definitely not a diet.

Dr Tamara’s Story – 03:14

What is your experience and how did you find Ketone? - 05:53

Is the Keto diet bad for you? - 10:25

Why do some people have difficulty with the Keto Diet? - 12:46

Calorie restricted diets - 14:03

Incorporating fats - 14:23

When the body shifts to use Ketones - 16:45

What are some tools that you utilize to get more Ketones in your body? - 18:06

Exogenous Ketones – 19:38

MCT Oil & electrolytes - 23:09

The Rule of 2’s – 24:27

Now you are in ketosis buy you keep drinking Ketones, why? – 26:05

Hitting a plateau – 27:30

Extended fasting – 27:50

Why so many people plateau and what can you do to break a plateau - 30:54

Join the 10 day challenge #simpleAF – 23:14