BHB vs Keto OS - Cliff Harvey

Q: Can somebody just go by beta hydroxybutyrate and take a spoon full of it and get the same effect that they would from the much more expensive Keto OS?

A: No. There are products out there. There are products that have, that are exogenous ketones products. The reality is that at this point, to my knowledge at least there's nothing that has the same patented formulas obviously because they are patented formulas that the keto OS has. A big factor is taste. To be honest, any of the quality patented formulas are all relatively expensive because of the nature of what the product is. I guess we all need to be clear about that is that there is a cost to anything. We need to look at the cost of benefit. When I first started trial of the product in my clinic, I thought that this is probably a little bit more expensive and New Zealand dollars, we've got like a peso down here I think. A little more expensive than what I wanted to use all the time, so I was thinking a half sachet and to be honest now I just can't be bothered with the hassle of that because I know the benefit I'm gonna get with a full sachet. So, I just tear it open, pour it in the thing and drink it back and I'm done. And I think that's just purely because of the benefit is there. When we're prioritizing those benefits then it becomes pretty unconsc_tional really.