Ketosis in 60 minutes - 2 - Cliff Harvey

Cont. Q from Cliff Harvey - Crossfit - Ketosis in 60 minutes (01)

Q: Great sleeps. There’s a follow up questions about that, you’re measuring it with a pee stick, and with all that measures is what you’re peeing out.

A: When you're measuring it on a pee stick you're predominantly measuring acido acetate acetone which are not actually what you're getting from the keto product, you're getting beta hydroxybutyrate from the keto product. Those are breakdown products of keto metabolism basically. A much better measure is when we take out blood pronation and from that we can say that there is obviously better beta hydroxybutyrate in the blood and that will be used. There's no real way around that. I had it suggested to me by someone that you take this, it goes into the blood and you simply pee it out. Which is completely incorrect. When you have ketones in the blood beacause they translate into and out of cells very efficiently without needing the same transport mechanisms as normal fats. And without needing to go through glucose transporters like glucose, they go in and are used incredibly efficiently. If they weren't, we wouldn't see the benefits that we do. But we do see benefits. So, it's obviously working.