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Dr. Heather Cardin
Owner, Cardin Chiropractic & Acupuncture, PA

2 types of fuel our bodt can run on:
Glucose (from carbohydrates) and Ketones (from fats)

3 different ketones our body makes:
beta hydroxybutyrate (most amount of oxygen and energy) found in our Pruvit products
acido acetate

In order to get the amazing benefits of ketones, we've actually have to go to a ketogenic diet. Some people may do a fast, or a "starvation diet" which I would not recommend in that state of ketosis or go into a ketogenic diet, which may take days or weeks to get there.

We have been studying the ketogenic diet since the 1920s and there is an amazing amount of information out there. So. if I don't get your question answered or you're looking fo r a specific health condition, please go to your computer and google "ketones and (health condition)".

Q: Pregnancy

A: Yes, the Keto OS and Max are safe for pregnant women. I would recommend to always check with your health care practioner before starting any nutritional products. It is safe for pregnant, lactating and children. It is water soluble.

Q: Is it safe to be in ketosis long term?

A: Yes. You can find all that research online.

Q: Diarrhea

A: If you're experiencing diarrhea, I would suggest you slow down, or reduce your serving of ketones even with a little fat or protein. Go slow and steady. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

Q: AC-11

A: AC-11 is a supplement that has been on the market for quite a while, but in use with the right combination with the functional fat kreme or with the 143 and the Blue Ocean and we know that we can actually help our DNA repair itself from the damage that's happened over the last several years.

Q: Thyroid

A: Our body needs energy to run. Think of your thyroid as the ignition, it's what starts and stops us through out the day. It's the major thing that tells our body in the morning to jump out of bed and tell =s us at night time that we're getting tired. Ketones is the superior fuel source that it can actually use instantaneously. We simply drink it. Gets into our bloodstream and our body is using that within 20-30 minutes and you will find yourself in ketosis in less than 59.

Q: Hormones in ketones?

A: Keto OS does not contain any hormone. Beta hydroxybutyrate does not contain any hormones. There is no hormones at all in the Functional Fat, Keto Kreme, the Max or the OS. Ketones are an amazing signaller for our entire body. You start drinking ketones and you actually start reducing your cravings. You're not craving sugar, you're not depositing as much fat and your hormones ultimately balance out much better.

Q: Ketones and stro--

A: After 42M servings of the Keto OS, we have found no contraindications. (Consult with your healthcare physicians first)

Q: How much ketones are in each product?

A: We have a patent pending product. We do not share the amount of beta hydroxybutyrate, I don't know that. That's kept secret with the formularies. What we do know is that it has enough ketone bodies to put us in a state of ketosis in less than 59 minutes.

Q: Kidney stones

A: There is some literature supporting that in a traditional ketogenic diet there is a potential that people could experience kidney stones. The great news is when we're drinking Keto OS, it's water soluble. We drink it up, put it in our body. Your stomach doesn't have secrete any acid, your gall bladder doesn't have to create any gall bladder enzymes, your pancreas doesn't have to create any enzymes, your liver doesn't have to break it down.

Pruvit Help Center (Health):

Q: Alzheimer's and ketones

A: Ketones are an amazing food source for the brain. Alzheimer's, AKA Type 3 diabetes that the brain loses the ability to uptake glucose but still very efficiently uptakes ketones. Especially when we put it in combination with the other additional amino acids that ar every ketone friendly to help rebuild and promote protein synthesis.

Yes. You can use any oil in addition to the Keto OS. Any additional MCT or grass-fed butter. You can absolutely mix it, additional fat in your Keto OS or Max. You can also put some Kreme or the functional fat, in addition to the Pruvit products. You can ix and match any of those.

Q: Ketones and inflammation

A: Ketones are an amazing inflammatory. They help pull water out of fat cells. Yes, I encourage you to take a natural electrolyte. When you're looking for an electrolyte, check with your healthcare practioner. Make sure it's all natural when you're looking for an electrolyte.

Q: Do I take it forever?

A: You take the product as long as you want to feel good. You take the product as long as you feel that it's really focusing on you being a better version of yourself and helping optimize health.

A: Blood Pressure

A: Make sure you're getting enough water intake. Check your blood pressure daily as your doctor recommends.

Q: When do I take it when I work out?

A: If you're using it to optimize your performance, if it's a hit workout that's for 20 minutes or less, I would encourage you taking about 45 minutes before your work out. If you’re doing a longer workout, maybe 30-75 minutes, then I would take it about 30 minutes before your work out. When you're doing an elite work out, when you're working out 2+ hours a day, or an elite professional athlete. Have another serving 2 hours post your endurance activity.

Q: Is it a "pre-work out"?

A: No, this is not a pre-work out. We are going to frame this as an amazing energy source to put your body into ketosis. When you run towards your glucose, which doesn't take very long, your body starts tapping into your lean muscle mass. It's healthier to take a native fuel source which is ketones. It's going to help your body stop from breaking down your lean muscle mass, it's going to help your body to tap into that fat to use it as an energy not your muscle and continue to reduce the inflammation.

Q; Adrenal glands

A: If that is the engine for our body, it makes sense if we're putting in a superior fuel source like ketones, beta hydroxybutyrate should run much better and smoother.

Q: Swelling?

A: 2 things can happen: if our body is deficient in natural electrolytes like sodium and the body might hold on it. As we start to lose fat, the first few days the body will replace fat with water because the body would want to maintain the shape of the fat cell. It's a natural component of our body acclimating. The swelling is a natural process. If it's causing pain, simply reduce your serving size and calculate your water.

Q: Hair loss

A: The normal indication that you are getting too many ketones, does not have anything to do with hair loss. The normal indication if you're getting too many ketones too quickly can be a little bit of fatigue. Don't have anything to do with hair loss. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

Q: Safety and efficacy of using beta hydroxybutyrate with existing or pre-existing liver or kidney issues

A: Ketones are safe whether you've had a history of liver or kidney issues because it's water soluble and it's our native fuel source.

Q: Cravings

A: We know ketones reduced cravings. When we get back on our native state, we're gonna eat when hungry and we're gonna stop when full.

Q: Menopause

A: Ketones don't contain any hormones.

Q: General inflammation

A: The "itis" means inflammation. Whether it's auto immune or general inflammation it's still inflammation in our body. We know ketones, specifically beta hydroxybutyrate in the Pruvit products actually stops a cascade of inflammation from happening. Ketones stops inflammation sugar feeds inflammation.

Q: Thyroid Ticulitis

A: Inflammatory processes in our brain. ketones stop sugar or stop the cravings for sugar to give us a more balance blood sugar, that’s going to stop feeding the inflammation at the cellular level. Ketones deliver more oxygen. More energy.

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