Prüvit KETO OS OFFICIAL - Campfire

Have you ever built a campfire before? If so, did you know that by building that fire you've actually unlocked the power for unlimited energy, fat loss and focus?

Let me explain.. When you build a camp fire, there are 3 types of fuel you can use; kindling, logs and coal.

Kindling is the easiest to catch on fire. It burns fast and if you're ot careful, it'll be gone before the larger logs even catch on fire.

The logs take a little bit longer to catch on fire, but if you're able to burn them correctly eventually they will catch the coals on fire and give you a nice long heat and keep you warn throughout the night.

So how does knowing that give you unlimited ENERGY, FAT LOSS and FOCUS? Well did you know that there are also 3 types of fuel that run your body? Carbs, proteins and fats. And each one works differently inside of you.

The first is carbs. Yes we love them, and yes we crave them. And as soon as we start to eat them we get instant burst of energy. But unfortunately it doesn't last long and we're left with the crash and the constant craving for more.

The next we shift to the proteins. The building blocks for our muscles. But also they can actually be the barrier that keeps us from losing fat.

And then there's the last and the best source of fuel. we call this source FAT and like the coal if you can catch it on fire it'll give you the longest and the best source of energy.

But for most people it's almost impossible to get to a state when they can actually burn fat. This is the state we call KETOSIS.

Why is this so hard? Well, it starts with the kindling or the carbs. We eat some but they quickly burn off. Causing our energy to drop and leaving us craving for more. You can keep throwing these sticks on the fire but they will burn fast and never give us the consistent warmth of energy that we need.

We start to add proteins to this fire, your body can burn this logs as fuel a little bit longer. And yet still doesn't compare to what happens when you get your body to a state where it can actually burn fat.

So, why do we want to burn fats? Well a few reasons; common sense said that burning fats well, it helps us lose fat and he's right. But on top of that, when you get to a state where you're burning pure fats, they release ketones into your body. This little ketones are like thousands of motivation speakers running through your body. They give you energy. They give you focus and makes you feel incredible. And yes, they make thee fat melt off your body because it's finally being burned off. It's no longer being guarded by the carbs or the proteins.

So if getting through the carbs and proteins so important, why aren't we doing it each day? Well the answer is because it's hard. To get our best fuel source, and start burning fats and releasing ketones the average person have to work out 10x harder and longer than they are now. They've got to burn through all carbs and all their proteins and then and only then will they finally hit their fat. That's where the magic happens. But even for the most extreme people that learnt to bio hack their bodies to get into the state of ketosis, it can often take weeks, or months even to get there. When they're in that state, they’re ON. Perfect energy, perfect focus and perfect fat loss.

It's kinda like playing the game Pacman. For most of the game he's been running away from the ghosts. But every once in a while Pacman will eat one of those power pellets and everything's suddenly changes. Instead of running away from the ghosts, you're on fire. You start actually chasing the ghost. And the game becomes yours for the taking.

That's how it feels when you're into ketosis. Life literally becomes yours for the taking. It's sad that most of the people spend their whole life like Pacman in the beginning of the game, trying to stay safe and secure. Not even knowing that the power pellets exist. Not knowing what it's like to be ON.

I'm sure you can tell having these ketones in your blood is the goal. But how do we get there without spending weeks or months bio hacking our way into ketosis? That's the questions we asked ourselves a few years ago..

At first, it seems like an impossible question. The reason is some scientists that we work with stumbled upon a new formula to actually make it possible. We call this new formula the KETONE Operating System or KETO OS for short. Within just 60 minutes of taking it, your body almost instantly goes into ketosis.

Check out how this works… Before Keto OS, they're not in ketosis. Within less than 60 minutes after taking Keot OS, their body is in nutritional ketosis. Isn't that awesome?

But don't just take our word for it, get your Keto OS today. Do the test and prove it to yourself. After you do, you'll discover a few things; first, is Keto OS is the best tasting health drink you'll ever had. Second, you see your body almost instantly goes into nutritional ketosis, and third you almost instantly feel what most world class athletes and bio hackers spent weeks trying to accomplish. You're body will be in nutritional ketosis and you'll get all the benefits that come with that. Increased fat loss, more mental clarity and focus and tons of extra energy.

Do you want to experience what it feels like to be in ketosis?

If so, get your Keto OS today and find out what it feels like to have fat loss, energy and focus.