Weekly huddle - 072617

Vegas News

Email me at admin@joeketo.com.au for:

- Half Price tickets? Keto Kademy and More Events Tickets
- If you need accomodations? If yes, send the dates. I only have rooms for Sept 6- 11. Opt of 1 King or 2 Queens and who are you staying with
- Send your phone number

Sept 5th driving from LA to Vegas. We are going to meet at West Hollywood at 1:00pm.

Get the Champion by Vegas Promo:
$4000 USD, tickets to the event, free hotel room and $2000 USD pocket money. Need to get 15 member of your team to MVP

If anybody in your team is going on eBay, that can get you account SHUT DOWN. They SUSPEND multiple levels in their support team and shut down their account.

Look up the Pruvit YouTube site for all the compliance videos.

Document in your back office on how to spend your Pruvit Bucks

We are allowed to sell 5 day packs and 8 day packs. NOT ALLOWED to sell 20 day pack, 5 day, 8 day packs ONLINE. It has to go to a replicated websites.

If you have a WEBSITE you have to have it APPROVED BY Pruvit. It can't be on Facebook (shop now) NO.

You can't sell online. it has to go to a REPLICATED SITE.