Launch Your Biz with Dustin Schaffer - 29/07/17

Go further faster!

If the sale is what brought them in, they're not ready to build the business. It's the energy that brought the sale is what should get them in.

Just joined 2 days:

"Why Pruvit?"

I feel amazing and incredible every single day. Energy is just in craze and so many amaziig thing about it.

"Goals you'd like to accomplish?"

Helping people in general. Get ahead in life. I want an amazing life. I would love to a beautiful home, start a family and have a beautiful life.

"How many people do you want to help?"

Help as many people as much as possible. I feel amazing in 2 days.

"Would you want to help 20 people fast or slow?"

20 people in the next week. As fast as I can

- Find out who that person is.. (your new promoters)

Ask really good questions. Find out what they want and find out what makes them tick.


Text 10 random people in your contacts: "I found this awesome product. What do you know about ketones and ketosis?"

Ask your promoter's goals.

See how they are comfortable talking about money, financial freedom.

Don't assume/presume what other people are doing or will be doing. Ask. Share the experience.

Post your experience with ketones in your social media. When someone comments, don't reply on the comment. Send them a PM with the link of the Campfire video ( Anybody that ask you a question, get them on a call with anyone above you. Every person that likes your post, thank each and everyone of them.

Focus on pre-curiosity. Watch, connect and roll. Keep people's curiosity. Make sure to educate your promoters and connect them to your support team.

It's not about you. It's about the person you brought in. We are teaching them how to make their business successful.