Weekly Team Huddle - 20/9/17

After Keto Kademy, ketosis has been the #1 search result in Google search diet. And that's the first time in years!

Keto Kreme is a massive hit!!

MCT Oil 143 - will be available!

MCT Oil lead right in to the whole ketone conversation

From every single one from the top producers of the company

KEEPING IT SIMPLE. the number 1 thing that slows people down is trying to over complicate things, trying to be the expert, trying to be the message not the messenger. We have the top scientists/professionals in the world all talking and educating people about our products. We just need to be the megaphones behind them.


Approaching people. Asking them "What do you know about ketones and ketosis?"

Validating the product and then, having people experience it.

COMMUNITY. Building the community and turning it in a marketing idea.

Company tracking its $400M sales in its 3rd year.

Your support teams (Rank 6. 7 Champions) will be talking to you and help you along the way.


***For donations to Kerry's son, Joel. Please click this link below: https://www.gofundme.com/joels-appeal-for-hope***

Finalizing the dates Dustin Schaffer will be in Australlia - A massive opportunity to be one of the mega phones for a very inspirational guy

And you may also want to look out for Dr. Mary Newport and Cliff Harvey in Australia.. :)


The 22% OFF Special is over on the 24th (in the US)

From today (Sept 20th) every new promoter is worth an extra $100 to you until the end of the promo until 3PM. Sept 25th in AUS EST.

You have an extra $100 for yourself or something you can offer as an incentive

How many $ off in experience pack to come into the business? It's already 22% off plus the extra $100

Go to your Rank 6s or 7 Champions, your support team and ask them to CHALLENGE you. They want to hear that! :)

Gold Coast Event - Saturday, Sept 23 2017 - 10:30AM - 2PM

- We got a great venue.
- The 1st hr and quarter - dr. Brian speaking about ketones and answer questions
- The 22% Off deal for customers and they can get free products (Beechey)
- I (Corey) will be covering the promoters side of things of the 22% off
- Sampling of new product
- Promoter's Mastermind (The PLAY that works)


$5/guest - for every guest you invite that arrived we will send you their names for you to contact them

Fraud Prevention in the US - everytime you have a diff billing address or shipping address, or everytime the billing and shipping doesn't match what's on your credit card may trigger your bank and maybe caused for a decline. Also causes oversees transactions.

One thing for everybody to do. (pass this down to your teams)
- If you have a new customer that comes on board and they get a decline when they think they shouldn't. Follow these steps:
1 Log out of their account (refresh the screen/page) and log back in the acct they just created. (soon as they put in their name and email, they created an acct)
2 Empty out their shopping cart (if there is something in it)
3 Pick the product that they want
4 Re-run the transaction

If that happens, report that to your Rank 6, Rank 7 or above team leaders. Let them know the NAME of the person and their EMAIL address and their CODE (if they know it).

Always report for anything that's weird. You can also contact customer service and give them as much information as possible.

If you're going to report to:
Support Team - Name and email address
Customer Service - as much information as possible

Who would be willing to shave off a Mohawk into their hair to raise funds for charity?

"MohawkTober" to raise funds for charity in October

Anybody that hits 2 people/distributors in that promo will receive 5 Blue Ocean of AMPED Keto Max OR 10 143 MCTs