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Want to bring out somebody that is awesome at giving direct coaching and telling you exactly what to do in order to utilise that other special the trial packs that come with all the new customer boxes. And that is from the Gold Coast. Dr. Emma Martin

that's an upgrade. You can call me Joe. Oh, hi. Um, you so the nicest things you like. And considering that you guys here told me everything I know. That's actually like, it's just rebounding back. atcha. Okay, these trial packs, what do we do with them. So you know, you get a box. And when your customer gets a box, anything over 50 US dollars, and they get two of the trial packs to give to their friends. So what you want to do is actually explain what's going to happen. So if you have anybody that is going to order a box, or that's you know, is ordering a box, set the expectations and go, Hey, you're going to get a couple of goodies. Who do you think these might benefit? And if you feed them the focused energy, fat sleep mood? Oh, no, I think it's five. Oh, you're gonna remember, but you can ask them? Who do you think would benefit from better any one of those five things and they go our limit and limit. So Joseph and McLennan Hey, that's awesome. Can you connect me in a chat with those people and introduce me? Tell me why. And tonight tea tell them that we want to give them a prison. It's really important at this point that you set the expectations with the new people, and the old people that these are a taster. Because if they think they're going to change their life in three sessions, that's not going to happen. But they might as we know, get better energy. So in that, you're going to teach your customer who's getting those trial packs to edify you and edification, if you search in the team page or the team, Facebook group, you'll find out about edification, but it's exactly what Joe just did to me. Hey, this is the amazing Mr. Martyr or Dr. Mr. Martin as I shall be now. No, she has had the most amazing fat loss, blah, blah, blah, but there, hey, this is Joseph, he was interested in muscle preservation, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. So you tell each other why you're introducing each other. Then you ask them all to let you know, when they arrive. Hopefully they've used the fast post. If you're in Australia, you'll know what I mean, if you're anywhere else in the world, well, I don't know if you ever use this low post.

You're going to teach them the process of drip feeding resources, and our resources, our private TV, the Dr. Andy and Dr. Heather videos, the private Facebook page, there are so many amazing resources that you can teach your people to share with their people. So you're teaching them at the same time, which is kind of cool, right? And then then you can actually follow up, ask them to do a social media post that couple of days in and you're going to teach them about not posting packets on social media and it's always the same before I was now I'm feeling I'm looking forward to again if you don't know what a basic curiosity post is search curiosity post in the experience better Facebook page, if you are not in there, get your sponsor to add you. Once they've done that post you're going to teach them how to follow up and the process repeats itself. And guess what? When you teach people that steps monkey see monkey do and it duplication 101 Kim Tim King That's exactly right. And last but not least when you feel the time is right. One question. Have you ever thought about doing what I do you absolutely nailed it. Thank you so much for introducing me to your friends. Let's do this together.

If you don't ask the question

that somebody else will so that's all I got. You guys got anything to add?

No, that was perfect, very concise directive. This you know, people can go back and watch this recording. Thank you so much.