Pruvit - A Better You

A team of scientists have used this research from the department of defense and NASA to develop an energy source that is proven to help supercharge the human body, giving you the ability to lose up to a pound a day, reclaim your energy and focus and even raise your IQ; you'll be at peak performance.

Athletes like LeBron James, NASA astronauts, the Navy Seals, and even the Shaolin Monks have experienced this energy source and it will help you overcome many of the limits you experience every day, like feeling tired and weak between meals and constantly fighting the urge to snack, struggling to lose weight even though you work out, constantly experiencing the ups and downs of the dieting rollercoaster, crashing and burning before three pm rolls around; that's not how your body is meant to operate.

You were born to run efficiently and effectively with an abundance of energy.

Imagine breaking the chains of constant hunger while maintaining your strength. Now you can go all day, being fully alert and hyper aware even on half asleep, being able to fully power your brain, protect against degenerative disease, and even add years to your life.

Today with our precise combination of natural oils and salts, you'll quickly hack your body's own biochemistry to provide limitless energy, drive, endurance and protection. Imagine your body as a finely tuned hybrid car, they have the ultimate staying power because in an instant they can switch fuel sources.

They use one fuel source for quick acceleration and another for cruising along at top speeds. That's how your body is meant to work as well. Most people just burn one fuel source, glucose because of the modern carbohydrate and sugar based diet.

Glucose burns fast like lighter-fluid and you can only store enough to keep your energy levels up for a few short hours. A second fuel called ketones is designed for long periods of exertion while keeping your levels high and your mind sharp.

Ketones burn slowly and smoother for hours like coal throwing off a constant supply of perfectly regulated, consistent energy.

Now there's finally a way for you to tap into this limitless potential energy whenever you need it. Our proprietary formula is the first supplement to provide you with exogenous ketones.

You can safely experience the benefits of ketones at a therapeutic level and you can do it in less than fifty nine minutes.

This formula is lab tested, doctor approved and one hundred percent G.R.A.S safe and just one dose is enough to give you hours of relentless energy, mental clarity and neuro-protection.

This product is so new, we're forced to limit availability to select VIPs who are committed to putting this product to the test and want to partner with us and help get the word out on keto//OS by giving us their honest review and sharing their experience.