Strength and power on ketogenic diet

Cliff Harvey Phd has been using the keto diet and ketones In his practice since 1998. He has worked with the top athletes in Australia and NZ and every health condition imaginable.
In this Video Series we discuss the use of Ketones for various benefits within Crossfit.

Q: With the ketogenic diet, with ketones. Can you still utilize in the stuff being on a higher fat lower carbohydrate diet, can you still have the explosive power that you're looking for? Can you still gain weight? Can you still get the strength? And will the ketones help?

A: Short answer on a ketogenic diet, yes you can gain strength and power. I mean that's been very well indicated. However some people won't do that optimally or they will have increments of performance if they are on a very strict keto diet. That's just the reality. Can people gain weight on a ketogenic diet? Same thing. Some can, although I would say that most people if they're looking to gain appreciable amounts of muscle except that they do being fit from having some carbohydrate in the diet and so with both of those things considering that many people can, some people can't. When we throw the idea of maybe not always having to be on a keto diet but still having enough of the exogenous ketones and we can be in say, well if I'm in a good diet that works for me, will exogenous ketones help me to gain strength and power? Well, yes. Likely because you're gonna have more available fuel there. So everything else is working well. You're gonna have more available fuel, you're gonna have potentially have all the benefits in terms of the modern prognition and you're going to be reducing inflammation. All good things for strength, power and muscle gaining actually. So, when we start to look at it in terms of fueling and what's appropriate for me, be it changes the context of the questions a lot, when I think the answer is probably a resounding yes.