Demystifying Keto - Go Beyond the Diet & Optimise your Life - Cliff Harvey

Live your life with limitless energy, even moods, and the body you want. Do it easily, with out confusion or weighing food, counting calories and without giving up all the foods you love.

In this interview we go beyond the keto diet or any diet and find out why the ketone molecule, our natural fuel source can help you lose fat, gain muscle, help you achieve superior physical performance, sharpen your focus, help you achieve deep sleep and have abundant energy all the the time.

Our Special Guest is Cliff Harvey
- Naturopath
- Clinical Nutritionist
- Phd Candidate & Research Scientist
- Author, Speaker, & Human Optimisation Expert
- World Champion Athlete & Fitness Coach

If you want to improve your human performance then carve out 30 minutes to find out the REAL reasons why the fastest growing trend in the weight loss industry has become the Future of Human Energy, Brain Function, Mood Control & Human Optimisation. Most importantly how you can incorporate this into yours and your families lives.
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