Recommended Intake Pt 2 - Cliff Harvey

Cont. Q for Cliff Harvey - Crossfit - Recommended Intake Pt 1

A: 2x will be good for a recreational athlete.

Q: For the elite crossfitter before/after? give a simple run down.

A: I think again. so before is gonna get the best benefit also afterwards potentially as well. Particularly if there is a problem with fuelling going forward and if you wanna get all those furious triple feels and also maybe trigger some extra recovery. And so, I think with the elite level crossfit athlete it really needs to be a combination of fuelling. It really comes down to working out what your optimal level of calories, as well as your optimal level of macrosis with restrict to carbs, proteins and fat and then having a really good fuelling strategy across the board for your beings. It might involve for example some keto before a workout, maybe even with a particular type of carbohydrate. Maybe a slow digesting carb of opposite type and then maybe the same thing after training with _ing as well, just to make sure that their fuelling is optimize.

Q: Is there an issue for a woman to be on a lower carb keto diet hormone regulation and stuff like that. With everything that we're doing we are talking about not the ketogenic diet. It's about carbopro create levels for different people and ketones. -------