Contraindictions with other supplements - Cliff Harvey

Q: Is there anything you athletes needs to work out or worry about when taking exogenous ketones as well?

A: I didn't think so. and that's basically because you look at what those things are, they kind of all are present in the body right? So if we talk about creatines, I mean creatines in the body anyway. We produce 2-3 grams of creatine everyday. I think it's about 2-3 grams. Obviously taking additional amounts gives us a benefit. Likewise for beta hydroxybutyrate and those ketone bodies they are normally present in the body, normally present with creatine as well, and protein. What we're basically looking is maximizing or optimizing, I should say the labels of those various things that pretty much naturally occur anyway in order to get a performance in effect. So, there is no current contradiction or whatsoever in taking them together. In fact, I actually think, just through my own experience I really do think that I feel bist in terms of performance upon taking something before training. Performance modern cognition, I actually find that having protein with my ketones gives me the best response.