Recommended Intake Pt 1 - Cliff Harvey

Q: There are a couple of different ones out here. For the couple time a week, or the casual crossfitter. What are your recommendations on taking the products, what should they be doing?

A: For the casual crossfitter, those are the population where we often find that for a lot of people a lower carb diet is gonna work really well right? I think we have such a massive problem with obesity, diabetes, metabolic disorders that we're seeing that a lot of people, even if they don't need really a low carb diet they should be on a lower carb diet than what's been recommended for a long time. And so, in those instances I think having keto available as you know it's like a sports drink without the sugar. Having that to help fuel workouts more effectively is a really good way to use it. I will always go back to as well that, a point that if you feel that your brain can benefit from it at any time it's such an easy thing to just tear it open and chuck in a drink.