Weekly Team Huddle - 27/9/17

So many new people who came in to the business this week which is AWESOME!

Go in the Promoters Group and Welcome and Like 3 people onto the posts or Congratulate somedboy on ther achievemement. It's awesome to give backc to the community


Last Week's Incentive ($100 for a new promoter and if you get 2 promters you get 5 Blue Ocen or 10 MCT 143)

Go to your Rank 6 Champions and adv how many new promomters you've brought on and they will connect with me, and get that money to your bank account.

What do you do with all these new promoters?

Raspberry Lemonade (CF) will be available in the back office regulary
More Flash Sales with more flavors!
More on the Keto Kreme
Launch of the MCT143
Best Discounts on our Smartship program
Dustin Schaffer in AUS (Date TBD)

We want everybody to get to MVP by the end of the month and more incentives to help you do it

From Support Team:

Incentive #1: Anyone that came on after the 28th of September that hits MVP by the end of the month will collect another $100 from The Support Team

Incentive #2: 2000 NV before the end of the month for anyone who came on before the 28th gets $100 (Contact your support team for details/computation)

Incentive #3: Any veteran in this business that brings on 2 new promoters with experience packs before the end of the month will also get $100

Highly suggest everybody putting on their own in-house incentivve into their business (no sales pressure :) )