Fast Start Webinar - 073017

All about Launching your business:

Do things all with the same system
After this go back to your support team and say "Listen, let's go."

20% OFF Special and MVP Special


Download the Pruvit Pulse App
- where you're going to hear about the specials
- where you're going to get msgs from your support team, from me
- where all the information comes from
- notifications where you see people get their bonuses

The 1st 30 days in your business:
- time you launch your business. Time to learn about your business from your support team
- time where you build your story.
- Business story starts with:
How quickly we can make your business successful.
How quickly can we pay off your investment into the products.
How quickly can we move you into profit situation.

Your IT
Why you are doing this? It matters why are you doing it.

Call with Dustin:

What drives you? What must you achieve in this life?

Money? or Helping people?

Think about what it is for you, get a picture of it (house, vacations, fancy cars) whatever drives you. Get a picture of it. Put it out there. then go after it.

You decide how fast you want to go. You decide how big you want your business to be. This community supports you in whatever it is.

Write down how many hours a week you can dedicate for your business, and how much you want to be making after 6 and 12 months. Once you've decided how fast you want to go, PRESS GO! (GO button in your back office that's your first 30 days. Significant bonus for your first 30days)

Who are 10-15 people you know, who will love, want or need the product.
- "What do you know about ketosis and ketones?" use your own words
- Text 5 people after this video. Or do it from FB messenger
- Follow up, "Did that make sense?" Ask open ended questions
- Connect them to your support team


5 days for mix pack - $40
1 Keto Max, 2 of the 2.1 and 2 of the 3.0 - or mix the 2.1 or 3.0 up anyway that you want

5 of the Keto Max or any of the flavors - $50

8 packs - $65
you can mix anyway you want

Always lead with the smaller amount. People don't know yet and we don't want to scare them off. WE want them to have an ease of entry into the conversation into hearing more of the products and into the program/

Ask for their honest opinion. Tell people that 5 days may not change anything. Some get magnificent results after 5 days, after 3,2 days but we are all different.

For the 200 sachets that you purchase, if you sell those that is going to be $1600 AUD, $2000 NZD.

For every 5 and 10 day duel fuel challenge person you that you speak with, you're going to upgrade them ideally. Even after 3,4,5 days or even right away. "If you don't want to continue after 5,10 days, then i'll just buy back all the samples. You gonna do anything for this long. Where I hear the real magic comes in is 20-40 days."

Think of 5 people that you want to do this business with. 5 people who would rock this.

Call with Dustin:


GO PRO - Bring on 2 Customers and 2 Promoters
If you sold all your products and gone PRO, you doubled your money back

GO MVP - 1 more Promoter and 2 more Customers

Go into FB, share the FB page with 3 people that you have not shared it with. Go to our customers page and like and thank 3 of the people that have put a "Before and Afters", shared a transformation or shared inspiration to other people.

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