Which Keto OS Formula Should I Use?

The differences of the Pruvit Products:

Keto OS//Max
Orange Dream
Chocolate Swirl 3.0
Swiss Cacao

Overview of what these products are and why you use them a little bit differently.

All the products elevate your ketone levels. Mental clarity, the better mood, the focus, the better sleep, the energy increase. The ability for you to preserve muscle tissue or perform better in your life.

Orange Dream - amazing for people who wants to utilize fat loss. Suffering with sugar or carbs cravings. People that wants to extend their time of eating. This is a great product to have in the morning. Start slow, maybe start with a half a serving and you've got to work up to a full serving because not everybody can digest those fats really well. Drink it over 30 minutes. It will extend your time of eating. This is a really good product for people who wants to utilize it for fat loss but still a great product for performance in your life.

Chocolate Swirl 3.0 - unbelievable gut health properties built into it. Not only does it elevate your ketone levels, it also helps your body produce its own ketones and has a pre-biotic which can improve your gut health. This can really help heal and repair that gut tissue. Typically people can drink a full serving of this at 1 time or maybe work up a little slower.

Keto Max Formulas: will elevate your ketone levels a little faster and a little bit higher. Performance products. It's a great one to use 30 minutes before your work out to help accelerate it really quick.

Swiss Cacao
Raspberry Lemonade
Maui Punch

All these products will help you change your life in that first 60-90 days of you utilizing them. Most people notice them within 5-10 days. If you commit to 60-90 days it truly will make an impact and change you in the way you just realize because it takes time for ketones to get utilized in your system and for your system to utilize them effectively.

Which one you should start with? Start with the flavor you like the most. :)

It's about you identifying what's best for you over the course of your journey of feeling better.