Dustin Schaffer - Why Pruvit? Why Now?

Joe Rogister, Sam Beechey with Dustin Schaffer

Why Pruvit?

Dustin: As a young man, I’ve always worked my butt off. Always worked had, Trade time for money. Started really really young. I started thinking about residual income. And how I'm gonna find ways to make money while I'm not working. I've never been successful, until 2 years ago. The truth is, my wife, as a marine we've been travelling alot and I had to start my practice over. It was wearing me out. I was travelling too much. I was on 12 hour days with a new born at home, my wife works a lot and we were running out of options and I was looking for something to do that created residual income. When I relocated, I had to start with $0 and start all over. I was looking for an opportunity and ironically, the think I love the most, ketones fell in my lap in a way that I can create residual income. When I came in I was looking for a certain dollar amount to make. I wasn't looking for a career change because I didn't know how big this really was until I started understanding and learning more and get into a talk with the leadership. The CEO of the company who really inspired me to believe in Pruvit even more.

Why is this opportunity (the ketone conversation, Pruvit) sold differently than other things that are on the market?

Dustin: thee biggest thing why this is different from everything that you have ever seen before is., When you look at an opportunity as I travel around the country people wants to stay at home. Moms, my wife wanted to be home with my child. She was working full time, she wants to be home and she doesn't have that many alternatives. She's trying to find how she can make ends meet and be able to spend more time with her kids. She was running out of options. As I travel the country, I realized that people are challenged. They are not able to go on vacations they want to. Been not able to get out of debt, been not able to maybe pay for their kids’ college debts. Maybe they're looking for a whole career change or maybe looking for an extra 4 or $500 to pay for groceries. This platform provides them that. Why is this different? A lot of people have done different network marketing and MLM sales. Why is Pruvit different than that company or those styles? We focus on community. If ever you get the chance to go to our FB community, you look at the polls, you look at the conversations being made. We focus on education. 99% of all the calls that we do like this on zooms is educating people to the product on health and wellness. It's about providing the strong education. We don't do this call very often. Because we focus on education, and when you look at the community it's about informing them. It's about inspiring them to be the best version of themself. Not everybody needs to get rich, not everybody need to be a doctor, not everybody need to be X, Y, Z. It’s be the best person you can because that's what provides the security in the community. It's also relationship driven. It's developing your relationship in getting to know the person. Not selling the person. That's why we talk about experiencing our product. Experience our community. Because people are looking to be a part of something that's bigger than themselves and Pruvit is your direct representation of that. We really focus on leadership. We focus on experiences. We focus on how can you feel better for yourself. That's what excites me the most about this platform. At any level you can get in at a base level and you can still have a substantial financial win for yourself or a back-up plan for yourself. Relative to other opportunities in the world, I've gavelled in internet marketing, I've gavelled in other ways in getting residual income and most of the time you're not doing it in a community. You're doing it by yourself. It's like you're on an island by yourself and those can be really challenging. Still profitable, but challenging. So, what make Pruvit different? Is really the COOMUNITY BASE PLATFORM. We're leveraging, utilizing and having fun with. That's what I like the most about this.

What is community base marketing?

Dustin: Community base marketing, to me it's really cool. You can look a it from a best sports team, you can look at it from a church perspective or religion perspective, you can look at it as one of the best business models there are. What it does is that you have different levels. We like to do different events locally. Like today, we did an event. It's a bunch of Pruvers and guests, friends. We didn't pitch them or sell our product, we invited them to the park, we went for a hike. We all got out and moved our body a little bit. It wasn't extraneous, it wasn't a big work out. It was get out and move your body. Now what's funny is that every guests that came was realizing, why are all these people smiling? Why are they all happy? Why are they all moving better? What are they drinking? They stole third scene on the product, but we didn't sell them a product. We also do educational events, every single month on different ways of educating. In a couple of weeks from now I'll be doing an event on how to get your kid to eat healthier in less carbohydrates. It's an education back. the other part of the community. We'll get charity events where we do a walk for a different charity events in our local environment. We do Masterminds, business Masterminds of how do we improve our community. How do we maybe grow and stretch ourselves. How do we go to a grocery store and find ways to eat better. that is community based marketing. But we also do really cool fun events where we might travel and maybe go on a vacation. Like we went to Costa Rica together. It's part of the community based platform is to have fun, educate yourself, inspire others to do the same thing but then also grow in yourself, your mentally. So that you can become a better version of yourselves. So you can challenge yourself and be a better example to your loved ones, your kids, your mom, your dad, whoever might be.

Not everyone's looking to quit their job, change their life, become full time in community based marketing. What sort of avenues you feel you have to be plugged in to our community?

Dustin: This is the thing I realized the most, this is interesting. Because for me, I just wanted residual income for me to take off some of the weight off my back. Like a back up plan for when life was getting complicated. most people in their lives, don't have a back-up plan. In any moment a fire fighter could be in an accident and then now they've lost their income. Or with all the storms in the US in Texas and Florida. If you're a business owner and you lose your building, where are you at? What do you have left? What do you have to fall back on? That's one thing. There's different ways that people can participate from different levels. Some people maybe just want a few hundred dollars a month for groceries. Some people want to go on a vacation. Some people want a full job, a full time transition. Some people want to bring their wife home. A lot of women wants to bring their husbands home. But I'm also really motivated by helping others. There's a good thing that you can do. Like I have a mission to a million. What inspires me is helping more people. The way our platform works, the more people you help, the more you get paid. The more you get paid, the more people you help. Because the company provides all the resources and education. If you don't have the information, the company provides it for you to educate the people for you. You don't have to get health experts or a fitness expert or a guru in the conversation. You don't even have to be a business expert to have success.

Where do you see the ketones conversation in Pruvit heading in the next 3, 6, 12 months?

Dustin: So this is exciting. If it's Australia, if it's in the United States, or if it's in Canada or in the UK where this is going. First off, the next 3-5 years the ketone conversation will be the biggest conversation that will ever hit the world because of the science and the resource behind it. You think about you're drinking the drink right now. You think back in time when the protein shake was created, everybody was like protein, protein, protein. There's a huge opportunity in the protein world. All across the shelves are all these products everywhere. The truth is very few people actually need to drink that protein. Just telling you, they don't really need it. All these business behind it and the reason is most people get enough protein from their food. But to get ketones in your system, I can't starve my 2 year old or 3 year old. It'll be against the law. I can't do that. So the only way for him to get ketones is for me to provide it to him because he needs those ketones to function at a very high level. Now that's what's really cool about this is that it's like my mom drinks it downstairs from waking up out of bed, moving her body. My son drinks it for development of his brain. My brother in law is using it for his brain. I'm using it because my body is all stiff and sore. I like to perform, I like to work out. My wife uses it for fat loss. It's the same product. But where it's going to 3-5 years is what's exciting to me because Pruvit has created the entire industry, the first company to bring therapeutic ketones to the world and provide it and attract every top leader in the world. Where are we going in the next 3-6 months? Is to provide a higher level of education. This month Pruvit is actually building it's leadership program. That we're gonna keep advancing. As we start expanding globally we're looking at different communities or different nations to look at who's ready to take on and raise their hand and said "Listen, I'm wanna bring that conversation." and then attracting their thought leaders. Australia thought leaders, saying can we provide a Keto Kademy educational events in that area. Can we launch the next nation? Can we officially open up Australia soon where we have full blown, a community platform built in Australia? Do a better trip in Australia? Right now with where Pruvit is going, is that we're looking for people that see that vision, that see that opportunity. There's a shift happening and ketones is the key moving forward that people wanna get healthy or looking for the people that raised their hand and said, "Listen, I wanna be a part of that and I wanna help that company. We talk a lot about ownership in Pruvit. I wanna help Pruvit move forward. I wanna helo Pruvit take it ot the next level. I wanna help Pruvit advance in the US. Or advance in the state of Texas, or advance in Australlia or in Perth or wherever it might be. That's where we're going and that's who we're looking for to go with. But like you said, everybody in the community plays a different role. Not everybody wants to be Joe Rogister and stay up all night and grow a complete nation. Joe has made a big impact in that and he's already set the path to make it easier for the next person. My mom downstairs just wants to have a little residual income for her retirement to be a little bit more fun and so that she could feel better and help a few friends. Also financially gets a little bit money, so they can travel together. We need all components of that. So Pruvit is looking at every layer in finding and making sure that person feels comfortable and fits in to where they're at.

If you have a guest in this call, and if your guest is yourself. What would you like to tell yourself?

Dustin: I would say the biggest thing is I'm 40 years old, going to be 41 in a month. I’ve always had a little bit off entrepreneur in myself. I've always wanted to find freedom. I've always wanted to travel. i've always looked at wanting to not have the life that my parents had. Mom's downstairs, she struggled her whole life to get by. Never could buy anything new. True story. I didn't have a bad childhood. I've always looked for more and I would say to myself when I was 24 years old or I would say the same thing to my mom at 50 or she's 65 years old when I had this conversation. The only thing that makes sense to me is that when you do a community based platform like Pruvit you can work together as a team as long as you're coachable and leadable and you follow our simple system you can have a very high level of success with a very low investment to get started. There isn't much of an alternative for most people out there. Now, I've looked at these things in the past and I said no, that doesn't fit me. Maybe it was the product, or maybe it was just the attitude or the person that was inviting me to it. They were approaching me probably wrong. But now that I see what this is, I would smack myself in the face when I was 24 and said listen, "Learn from this people, and understand the power of this because it can make a trajectory change in your life." Even if it's not financial, it's gonna change the way that you see yourself and see how you can be a better example for the people you care about. More people in our company are looking at themselves as the value. Like I, personally am better than me which is worth more than any money that I was able to make from them. With that said and done, my wife is able to come home. What I would say to anybody, "If you wanna take this real serious and you have high goals plug in more, participate more and take a full advantage of this." If you're somebody that wants to get free products do the same thing and just be ok with where you're at. Be ok with inviting people to this conversation. If you're somebody that's looking for a little bit more from your life, a little bit extra residual income or you wanna help somebody else out. Plug in to our community, and take advantage of his. It's not like I'm saying get in now, that’s not the point. The point is get in when you fit in. when you come on, go at it and let's go help you achieve what you need to be successful. And that's what I love this product or this community. The product is the key, but the community is what's gonna take and make the big impact in the world.

Reach out to the person who brought you to the call. There's a place for everyone.