Are Ketones and Ketosis safe? - Cliff Harvey

Q: Questions surrounding kidneys, liver, vital organs has a long term safety that concept. Is that based from the back in the day when the atkins diet was prevalent and they were looking at this and people were getting themselves into ketosis for having very very high protein diets?

A: Possibly, but I think the bigger thing is that we're still learning the undergrad level unfortunately, that the early mention of ketosis is in respect to those pathological conditions. So, diabetic ketoacidosis, alcoholic ketoacidosis. So, they basically pathologies with someone that has a very serious problem and that resulting in these ran away levels of ketones that are far too high for the body to even buffer. I mean, we see the look of that and if extremely high levels of ketones is bad then any level of ketones must be bad. But that's like looking at a diabetic and saying well really high levels of blood sugar are bad, which means blood sugar is bad. What happens is when you got 0 mmol of blood sugar, you're dead. Simple, right. It's about how much is in the blood. I think the carry over there is that people still equate ketosis with a problem and it's not. Nutritional ketosis is completely different and appropriate.