Are ketones acidic in the body? - Cliff Harvey

Q: Is there a stiffer feeling afterwards or more type of joint or arthritis pain after taking the product? And what maybe the reason behind that?

A: It's a good question. I'm not a hundred percent sure. I have to actually think about that one because there's a lot of mechanisms that can occur when you're taking any ketone supplement and I guess you wanna stop making the first time I think Joe.

Q: Is there any truth to the phrase that ketones are acidic in the body? Is that a possible scenario?

A: Not particularly. They are an acid right? So you've got beta hydroxybutyrate acid and so by nature ketone bodies are going to be mildly acidic. But in terms of that in translating to a certain vein in the blood is really not a basis for that whatsoever. We really need to get away from the idea that the things we eat, it might be acidic and suddenly make the body acidic and there is a lot of intramanual affix from that. Because what happens is even if there is a mild effect on acidity it’s regulated almost sententiously. So we've got several buffers, we got the respiratory buffers. We breathe out excess acids. We have the renal buffer. Just where we pee out excess acids and retain bases. And we also have a intercalary buffer which we seldom use for better allow us to break down certain tissue to provide for bases as well to balance acidity. So, really there is no risk here and especially with people having otherwise a good type that has lots of alkaline compounds like vegetables and berries and good things like that. There's really no risk of creating acidity per say. The only risk is with people that have a pathological condition like a metabolic ketoacidosis which is where they have an uncontrolled diabetes and they're levels of ketones are extra ordinarily high over 20 mmol (millimoles) kind of thing which is completely different to nutritional consensus. What we also need to remember is that most of what we're talking about, ketone salts like the Keto OS product is that it's built in ketone salts. Those minerals that they beta hydroxybutyrate is bound to. They're basic. They're alkaline in nature. Magnesium, sodium, calcium. They're basic by nature. So they help to buffer their acidity and they're persistence anyway. So, there's really no problems at all there.