What is Keto OS?

Michael Rutherford and Dustin Schaffer

Q; What is the product? Why are you excited about it? Who are you? Why do you care?

A: A little bit about myself, I'm a former Recon Ring college athlete that basically fell apart late early early in life. I had a severed knee trauma, my knees replaced at the age of 22, I had head trauma. I was falling apart. A couple years later I had a diagnosis, an auto immune disorder. I'd actually utilized the ketogenic diet. To me, this is ground breaking. For somebody like myself. But I'd utilize the ketogenic diet, a low carb lifestyle. Studied, exercise science, human physiology, most activation techniques of the top coaches and trainers of the world and to help people get into ketosis. Ketones are when your body eats its own fat. If you haven't seen the cartoon video make sure you see that. It's really a simple way to explain that. But when your body eats your own body fat and it became ketones, this is a primitive fuel. most of our existence we've been in the state of ketosis for many reasons. Food wasn't plentiful, for sure carbohydrates were plentiful and our body uses this unbelievable fuel source called ketones. And so, we finally now we have the luxury to be able to drink pure ketones.

Most people come in for fat loss. A lot of people come in for fat loss. But what they don't realize is when you’re in ketosis, it's one of the most primitive and powerful brain fuels you can ever have. It helps protect your brain and helps you focus clarity and just over all feel better. But also most of preservation. Protecting your muscle tissues from being broken out. Think about it from thousands of years ago when our ancestors didn't get the chance to eat, did their body just withered away to nothing? Absolutely not. Ketones protected it, it protected their system, fuelling better. So that's we've had so many people with so many different experiences like literally in the room that you're in, you might have a person that dropped 35lbs, another person that literally woke up that hasn't been happy in 10 years, or a somebody that's a world class athlete performing better than they've ever perform in their life and I think that that's what makes it so exciting. Is that we finally get this ability. I've been viewing this for 15 years coaching thousands of people to try to change their life through diet, in strict determination and discipline and now we have the luxury ___

Dustin: Use this porduct for 30,60, 90 days. It'll change your life I promise you.

Michael: This isn't about selling people product. It's about education.